Skip Home Depot, Go Salvage

Heritage Salvage Reclaimed Building Materials


Gear Patrol readers who consider themselves floor-ophiles may want to set your browsers to visit Heritave Salvage Reclaimed Building Materials. Based in Petaluma, California, Heritage carries materials sourced only from fallen, endangered, or abandoned structures. They call it repurposing. We call it vintage goodness.

Most of the wood Heritage Salvage stocks is old growth redwood that’s been graded and aged for your use in remodeling projects like the gorgeous 1×5 White Fir used in the flooring above. Look through their building materials though, and you might find discover other finds like Redgum Eucalpytus Slabs, Wine Soaked Oak, or even salvaged handcrafted furniture. How you use them is entirely up to your handiwork and imagination.

Editor’s Note: I must disclaim that I’m somewhat obsessed with renovating homes. Perhaps it’s because I spent several years of my life doing just that or the inability to really do so living in the urban jungle of New York. Those cravings are often satiated by the works of others who do have the luxury to work on their homes.

Cost: Varies