The Best Business Phone on The Market? We'll Have to Wait and See.

BillionAir 7 Business-Class GSM Quad-Band 3.5G Phone


In the realm of electronics, PR hype has no bounds. Kempler & Strauss heralding themselves as “a world-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative mobile devices and wireless technology” is no exception. Released on October 7th, the BillionAir 7’s claim to fame is that it’s the first GSM quad-band 3.5G phone based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform that provides both a frameless touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. The combination is something business users around the world have clamored for, especially after the disappointing functionality that came to fruition from the first generation Blackberry Storm.

Though rumors and speculation are of course circulating about new Blackberry devices featuring similar functionality, for now this unique mix of features has definitely peaked our interest, despite the marketing hoopla. Other interesting specs about the device include 2 on board camera’s, one of the front and one on the back. Each is capable of snapping 3 megapixel shots and sports a digital zoom. The reasoning for the front mounted camera is based around video conferencing. For a list price of $275, the BillionAir 7 is surprisingly affordable considering it’s feature set and lack of major phone carrier subsidies.

(via Coolest-Gadgets)

Cost: $275