We Raise A Parting Drink

Gourmet Magazine | Favorite Cocktails: 1941-2009


If you haven’t heard already, this week Condé Nast announced it would be shutting down several of its long standing magazine publications including one of this author’s admitted favorites, Gourmet Magazine. Though it saddens us to hear about such a venerable publication victim to financial pressures (we recognize digital publications like Gear Patrol have attributed to this), more news like this is sure to come. The internet is reshaping the publication world, quickly. However, in humble tribute to the organization and it’s contribution to our palettes and culture, we suggest you take a look at the Gourmet’s collection (online) of their favorite cocktails by decade, starting with 1940.

Gourmet's Premiere Issue (credit: Adam Kuban)

Gourmet's Premiere Issue (credit: Adam Kuban)

Browsing these painstakingly recreated recipes, by year and alcohol type, is bound to expand your libation horizons. Perhaps leaving you with a better notion of what you’re ordering the next time you consider celebrating, ordering, or pouring yourself a 5 p.m. cocktail. Maybe you’ll even give one a try over the weekend. Thank you Gourmet for, as they say, “transcending the role of a magazine”, and instilling an appreciation for food and drink of all types in a society often bereft of it. Your culinary influence and impossibly delicious photographs of food will be sorely missed.

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