Get Down And Give Me V20

Perfect Pushup V2


Unless you’ve been living with the mole people for the last few years, you’ve likely heard of the Perfect Pushup. We even covered both the regular and mobile units before. To briefly recap, the Perfect Pushup adds more rotation to your pushups (i.e. a dumbell bench press or punch), allowing a fuller muscle contraction and a deeper range of motion. Both benefits give you a greater workout and thus a better return on this bedrock fitness movement.

The Perfect Pushup V2 is the newest iteration and it’s just now becoming available in stores. Improving upon the original, the V2 adds 30% more ball bearings, beefed up construction and internal components, an improved “off-road tire-inspired” anti-slippage bottom, and a more ergonomic grip. Through our own side by side testing with the original, we found the V2 to be a solid step up from its predecessor. The rotation of the handles was much smoother both up and down, and the tread provided greater grip on difficult to hold surfaces; overall, the V2 felt just plain sturdy. There was none of the rattle and light feel that some folks experienced with the original, thus the V2 felt like a true piece of workout equipment. So for the same price as the original, the V2 gives you a much superior product. Good move, Perfect Pushup, good move.

Cost: $40