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Nikon D3s


Camera buffs can finally lay to rest all the speculation behind one of Nikon’s new flagship DSLRs, the new Nikon D3s. Tonight (Tuesday, Oct 14), Nikon introduced the first DSLR with the ability to capture high definition video (720p) using a full frame sensor. Those of you who are wondering why you can’t just use the video function on my Cyber-Shot can stop reading this, and move on to the next post. Otherwise, Gear Patrol’s first look at the Nikon D3s continues after the jump.

Nikon, has wisely stepped wasting their (and your) time with the megapixel race and moved on the main event: sensor size & quality. Utilizing a Nikon FX Sensor the size of a linebacker (36x24mm), the Nikon D3s throws down a particular spec, otherwise unheard of to date: a baseline ISO (sensitivity to light) up to 12,800 and an expandable ISO equivalent of 102,400… Let me repeat: one hundred two thousand four hundred. Evidently, Nikon hopes to photograph dark matter first. This is of course achieved through the aforementioned sensor, which applies to the rule of: bigger sensor = better images.

Of course, you also get 720p motion jpeg video (individual stills can be pulled for stand-alone images), integrated dust reduction system, EXPEED digital image proessing, 5 frame bracketing with Active D-lighting, 0.12 second startup time, 9 frame per second FX shooting and 11 framer per second DX shooting, 51 autofocus points, 100% viewfinder, 4,200 shot battery life cycle, quiet shutter-release for covert photography, and a high definition 170? viewing angle, virtual horizon, dual compact flash memory card slots, 3-in. VGA LCD monitor with tempered glass.

Editor’s Note: This ain’t the same as the 12 megapixels on your CyberShot. Or frankly, our Nikon D90s. We would have loved to seen more features (a stretch, we know) in the follow-up to Nikon’s beloved D3, but this is a beast nonetheless. For those of you who could care less about video in your cameras, you can probably start picking up used D3ses on the cheap… sorta.

Cost: $5,200

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