Squared, Not Square

The Hill-Side | Ties, Pocket Squares, Handkerchiefs


Between your new love of vintage style and the goods that you own, there lies a gap. Perhaps. Perhaps that gap is between the highly structured ties of your college/job interview days and the style of tie befitting of your weekender lifestyle.

Designer Emil Corsillo’s new brand of ties, The Hill-Side, has launched their inaugural line of goods just in time for the cooler weather, and its a look that’s got this author fawning over. The line, inspired by Corsillo’s desire to find a tie to pair with his favorite vintage work shirt, comes from humble beginnings. Corsillo, using dead-stock fabric created himself a square ended necktie. It caught on, and the rest is history. His collection has expanded into ties, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs at a price point the style, price, and even nationalist conscious buyers can appreciate. The Hill-Side products are manufactured in Connecticut and Brooklyn, NY.

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Cost: $100 (or less)

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