Going Beyond The Streets

Google Maps Street View | Cyclists and Pedestrians


Bikers, pedestrians take heed! Google needs your help. Well, not so much your help but rather your insight. Google is looking to bring their map street view to bike trails, paths, or pedestrian malls, and they want your opinion on where to go. Know of one? This is the place to sound off. There’s no reason cars should get all the GPS fun.

To get this off-street mapping, Google is using a special Street View Tricycle that’s equipped with a street view camera and a cyclist with hefty athletic prowess, which you can learn more about in a video after the jump. They’ve already managed to map a few areas including San Diego University, Legoland California, Santa Monica Pier, and Monterey Bay Bike Trail (no East Coast love?). Voting ends October 28. Sound Off Here.