Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Hole)

Bridgestone E7+ Golf Balls


If you’re a golfer of modest means, then today’s economic climate may be dampening your links-going spirit. Golf has never exactly been a cheap endeavor, but when finances are tight it is especially important to be creative in the purchases that fuel your game. It’s easy to how the tab on tee times and having the latest driver can add up, but don’t forget the steady diet of shiny new balls that your game demands. Finding one that fits both your swing and your budget is crucial to playing well and playing more.

We humbly submit that the Bridgestone E-Series is a great place to start. Priced at less than $30 per dozen, each ball in the E-Series is designed to fit particular golfers. The E5+ helps maximize height for those with a flat-trajectory, the E6+ reduces side-spin for players that need greater control, and the E7+ promotes a more penetrating flight to add distance for high-ball hitters.

Being in the latter camp, we took the E7+ out for a few rounds of real-world testing. It turns out that the venerable tiremaker makes a smoking round-ball as well. A few impressions follow.

Editor’s Note: The Bridgestone E7+ has quickly become my go to golf ball thanks to it’s keen combination of price and performance. I’m typically looking for two facets of ball performance: I hit the ball laughably high, so I want to maximize my carry distance, and I want a lot control for pitch shots around the greens. The E7+ excels in both departments.

Additionally, the E7+ seems to offer a pretty high level of durability. When I play a softer ball, it’s not uncommon to see several scuffs after only a few holes, particularly I’ve been hitting approach shots from inside 100 yards. The E7+ held up much better under my withering wedges, with one ball making it through most of the round (until it was sent to its eternal resting place in Davy Jones’s Locker) in good condition. If someone gives me a (dozen) more expensive ball, I’m going to play it, but when I’m buying, I’ll go Bridgestone. We love products that remind us that more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

It’s worth noting that, for the deep-pocketed or extremely discerning among you, Bridgestone makes an excellent tour-quality ball, as well. Their Tour B330 series booms it and plays like the #1 tour ball with which it competes.

Cost: $26