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REI National Parks Adventures


Considering we’re still in a recession, and the relative weakness of the dollar in general abroad, there’s never been a better time to keep your summer or holiday vacation sites firmly set in the U.S. territories, and in particular on our National Parks. Epic, glorious, and one of kind, everyman should at least visit a few of these national treasures in a lifetime if they ever wish to claim that they truly lived life to the fullest. However if you’re not the logistical planning type, the renowned west coast based outdoor retailer REI, is offering 20 unforgettable trips throughout 2010 in the nation’s most famous natural attractions.

Each trip includes ample time for popular outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, or paddling, and is rated on a 5 point scale by activity level to help guide potential takers towards their ideal trip based on their preferences and experience levels. In terms of trip length, shorter vacation options are for 3 days, while the longest stretches to 11. Though transportation costs to the parks is not included in the price, transportation on the trip, food, guides, heavy duty equipment (like canoes) and other necessities are; meaning the headache of plotting out schedules and time lines is left up to the experts. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that detail gear lists are provided for each adventure as well to help insure thrill seekers are properly equipped to handle the excursion in all situations (let alone just to get our gear lust going).

The bottom line is if you’ve been thinking about what to do once winter blows over, and are interested in outdoor fun, these trips are a great way to have an incredibly unique experience inside the National Parks. To examine the options available, costs, and locations, click here, otherwise browse the trip list below. Happy Trails.

  • Alaska Wilderness & Wildlife Kayaking
  • Capitol Reef & Escalante Hiking
  • Death Valley Hiking
  • Denali & Prince William Sound Multisport
  • Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness
  • Gateway to the Artic
  • Glacier Bay Cruise & Kayak
  • Grand Canyon & Sedona Hiking
  • Grand Canyon Backpacking
  • Grand Canyon New Years Adventure
  • Grand Teton Summit Climb
  • Great Smoky Mountains Backpacking
  • Joshua tree Backcountry Climbing
  • Mt. Rainer Classic Hikes
  • Backpacking Mt. Rainer
  • Olympic Wilderness Coast Adventure
  • Sequoia Classic Backpacking
  • Shenandoah Backpacking
  • Yellowstone Backpacking
  • Yellowstone Lakes Kayaking
  • Yosemite Backpacking
  • Yosemite Half Dome Backpacking
  • Zion & Bryce Canyon Hiking
  • Zion New Year’s Adventure

Cost: $450-$5,390