The Engadget Show with Steve Ballmer


Yesterday in the midst of Windows 7 Launch craziness, the New York based Gear Patrol staff took some time away from the gear-review mayhem to go see Engadget editor-in-chief Josh Topolsky grill Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on everything from the new Window 7’s improvement over it’s dismal predecessor Vista, to Ballmer’s knowledge of the elusive Courier Booklet, to Ballmer’s confidence in guiding Microsoft in the right direction. No small task when you’re talking to the world’s most influential CEO’s. To be upfront, we secretly had hopes to see the infamously boisterous CEO stumble upon himself, but Ballmer was in prime form, keeping the proper level of vagueness up while still confronting most issues to some degree. Even at one point, joking that he had taken classes in the method. Anyone interested in Windows 7 details, Microsoft, or technology in general should check out the full show back on Engadget shortly which you can catch here. In the mean time, also feel free to hit the jump and give Gear Patrol’s own gallery (in old school photojournalist B&W style) a browse.

Special thanks again to the entire Engadget team for having us out, and expect to see us at the next show.