Email, BBMs, and Incoming Calls, All on Your Wrist

Impulse Smartwatch for Blackberry

impulse-smartwatch-for-blackberryBlackberry addicts the world over might have cause to celebrate with the release of the Impulse Smartwatch. Designed to serve as the ultimate BlackBerry accessory, users can disguise their far-too frequent cell phone reaches now by simply glancing at their wrist. Thanks to Bluetooth, the watch wirelessly connects to your pocket-stowed handset and can instantly display incoming emails, texts, and calls on its 1.3-inch OLED display.

To find out more info on specs and a basic shot of the watch interface, hit the jump.

Other specs for the device include: a full-metal body, vibrating alert motor, microUSB port and a rechargeable battery, with four days of “normal use” juice time. Sadly, the watch is only a one way street, and will not allow wearers to respond to messages or notifications, only read them (so forget the possible humor of seeing frustrated business dudes pounding their wrists). Buyers will also have to install a special Blackberry app in order to make the Impulse Smartwatch properly communicate with the handset.


Currently only available for pre-order, those hankering to put their Rollie down in favor of ultimate Blackberry geek timepiece will have to wait until February when units start shipping.

Cost: $149

Via: Engadget