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At Gear Patrol, we look for excuses to be outdoors. Any weekend we can steal away from the comforts of home are welcomed and testing gear is always a bonus.

On our weekend adventures, hot water is an absolute necessity. With a splash of hot water, coffee and food can be conceived in no time. Heating said water can sometimes present a challenge; large Coleman-esque stoves are great for a weekend-long car camping trip, but equally a pain in the ass for setting up and boiling a small amount of water on a more minimalist excursion. Smaller alcohol or tablet-based stoves work, but not without quirks and sometimes take forever to boil.

Is there a simple solution to these problems?  Well, yes, and we’ve found it: the Jetboil Flash. The good people at Jetboil have developed some fantastic technology to create nearly-instant boiling water. One of the more unique features of the Flash is that the heating mechanism is self-contained within the boiling cup. This is great for backpacking (or general space savings) in that a few pieces are assembled quickly from a compact package. The Flash runs off of fuel canisters and delivers the flame directly to the flux ring which efficiently distributes the heat. An electronic igniter gets the flames rolling quickly and easily, and in our tests, 2 cups of boiling water was produced in less than 2 minutes (I’ve spent longer trying to cook a microwave burrito).

What sets the Flash apart from previous Jetboil models is the integrated coozy. The coozy (yes, similar to those that insulate your beer can) is equipped with a heat indicator that turns orange when the boiling point is reached. This is a huge bonus, if you’ve ever peeked under the lid of a not quite yet boiling container of water and lost a ton of heat to the elements. Since pot holders seem to continually be forgotten on our outdoors trips, the coozy will keep your hands from being burned.

If you are an avid backpacker or weekend car camper, you need a Jetboil Flash. Boiling water at the touch of finger is a must have tool for any adventure.

Cost: $99

Want to win your very own Jetboil Flash?  Well, we’d like to give you one!  Leave a comment below indicating the brand of your current/favorite camping stove, or your most creative ideas for boiling water in the wild (sky’s the limit). If you don’t have one or know of one, just tell us your favorite piece of camping gear. We’ll pick a winner at random this Friday and announce the lucky chap (or chappette) here at Gear Patrol. Best of boiling luck to ya!

You must be 18+ to enter. All North America residents valid. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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