Speak Softly And Drive A Long Ball

Nike Crush

nike-crush-golf-ball-gear-patrolComing off a round of fall golf, one part of this editor’s game held resolute: the drive. And though the time honored adage “drive for show, putt for dough” hold trues, it certainly doesn’t feel bad to nearly drive a green. Nike, heeding the call for a ball designed for golfers who relish outdriving everyone else in their foursome, has developed the Crush. The Crush, a 2-piece 312 dimple ball with a compression ratio of 63, is designed with distance in mind using a combination of a larger high energy core and a high Directional Micro-Composite Coating, that’s designed to reduce spin on drives that would normally slice (mine) or hook (mine).

Editor’s Note: We won’t know just how well the Crush drives until we get our hands on them from Nike, but you can be sure we’ll report back, or brag (hopefully).

Cost: $22

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