A Modern Primer for the Classic Man

Rules for My Unborn Son by Walker Lamond

rules-for-my-unborn-son-hardcover-gear-patrolToday marks the release of one of our favorite blogs, Rules for My Unborn Son, in actual hold-it-and-turn-the-pages book form. The blog (now made bookish) is authored by writer and filmmaker Walker Lamond who created it to “to preserve the lessons my father had taught me, and perhaps add my spin on what makes a Good Man.”

The quips, which address topics ranging from sartorial to practical to philosophical, serve as a unique window into the identity of man-kind, and certainly offer an instructional template for imparting the lessons of an older generation to the coming one.

Keep yourself in good standing with the Rules that have been and that will be by checking the blog or following them on Twitter. Even better, support the compilation of these maxims on civility by picking up your copy today. The men of Gear Patrol know a classic when we see one.

Cost: $10