Because Looking Badass is the Right Thing to Do



Well, gents, the glorious month of Movember is nearly upon us. In case you are unfamiliar, Movember is a worldwide opportunity to overtake the month formerly known as November to raise awareness of men’s health issues and the garner donations to combat prostate and testicular cancers. How does Movember make that happen? By encouraging men everywhere to grow a mustache. Clearly this is something that the men of Gear Patrol can get with. Oh, yeah, and we’re inviting you to join us.

In short, we’re wholeheartedly of the opinion that if you can fight cancer, you should. Especially if your definition of fight is growing a badass mustache.

movemberTo get with us on the Movember program, you’ll want to sign up, then get a nice close shave on November 1st. From there on out, you’ll want to work the entire month the grow the most glorious lip-jacket that you can muster. Along the way, you can share the Movember story with others who might want to join in to donate to the cause. You can support Movember with donations through our team by clicking here. In any case, Movember is a great way to support a worth cause.

Hit the link below to join up with the Gear Patrol Movember team, populated with those rascally Gear Patrol editors and readers of the site alike. Also, stay on the look out for photo updates of our follicularly-challenged progress as well as special giveaways and happenings throughout the month to come. ‘Stache on!

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