The Right Set for All Your Vices

Denizli Gentleman’s Club 3-Piece Brandy Set

denizli-gentlemans-club-3-piece-brandy-setGents, it’s time to don your burgundy bathrobes and leave your top hats at the door. The Denizili Gentleman’s Club 3-Piece Brandy set is the perfect solution for the next time a buddy winds up at your house and it’s time to catch up.

Thanks to the two included snifters, each of you should find ample inspiration for continuing the chit-chat long into the night, or at least until one of you reaches the bottom of your glass and the bottle is done. The included cigar sized ashtray should also come in handy if stogies happen to be your thing, since it provides a great resting place for your hand rolled delight amid statements like “quite right” and “by jove”.

Of course, picking up several sets for the weekly poker night might not be a bad idea either, since, at these prices, decking out a table of eight would be more than doable. This also has groomsman’s gift written all over it.

Cost: $30