Humanscale Element LED Task Light


Humanscale has helped solve many of the issues that plague the office environment: uncomfortable seating, keyboards and mice that cause stress on the wrists, and cluttered desktops. They have also thought through the cheaply made, non-serviceable, dim desk-lighting problem – enter the Humanscale Element LED task light. Out with the bluish or yellow-tinged glare – the Element lamp produces neutral, 3500K white light (and very bright), with a large footprint. Its single LED casts just one shadow, unlike other lamps that contain rows or clusters of LEDs creating multiple shadows on the work surface. The 60,000-hour bulb will probably never need replacing, but just in case, it is user serviceable. And best of all, it consumes less than 7 watts of energy while vibrantly lighting up a tabletop.

The Element is made up of up to 81% recycled aluminum and plastic, and is 99% recyclable (yet with a bulb that lasts almost 30 years in 9 to 5 operation, would it ever make it to the scrapper?). Its ergonomic design offers a 360° swivel base with a maximum reach of 28”, and a maximum height of 28” as well. The head unit can rotate 90° side-to-side, and tilt front-to-back 135°. The smooth counterbalance system allows for easy adjustment with no knob tightening.

Many task lamps get very hot, however, the Element’s cooling fins solve this problem – the lens cover is actually cool to the touch, unlike lamps with halogen bulbs, which can send you to the emergency room.

Humanscale has won many awards for their innovations, and the Element is no exception – it received the Best of NeoCon Gold award at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair last summer (the largest exhibition of office furniture in North America).
Finish options are “White with Silver Accents” or “All Silver”, and the Element can be ordered with a clamp mount or desktop base (there are a total of 19 possible mounting options available).

Cost: $260 (w/base) | $231 (w/clamp)