Link Patrol: Friday, October 30th

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Guy Sells Haunted House on Ebay. (Asylum)
Be careful of neighbors with video cameras Note: NSFW. (Foundry Music)
51 Best Halloween Links on the Internet. (Coed Magazine)
Elvis Dress Up, Gets….for Halloween Note: NSFW. (Gunaxin)
Working iPhone Costumes. (Today’s Big Thing)
Home Alone Meets Saw Video. (College Humor)
$1,000 1080p Projector Battlemodo. (Gizmodo)
Drunk Ewoks Make for Good TV. (Warming Glow)
2010 Automotive Excellence Awards. (Popular Mechanics)
Welcome to the Bagel Dome. (Nerd Approved)
Costume T-Shirts from 80s Tees. (Acontinuouslean)
Quoddy Moccasin Boots. (LimitedHype)
Apple’s Main Ad Man Steps Down. (Engadget)
Nopopo Eco Water Powered Flashlight Set. (Cool Material)
If the Enemy is in Range So Are You and They Can See Your Danner Boots. (Momentumoffailure)
10 Creepy Video Games that Go Bump in the Night. (Wired)