Get a Grip

Etonic G>Sok Rain & Winter Golf Gloves

etonic-g-sok-rain-winter-golf-glovesGolf can be a tough game. Inclement or frigid conditions only make it tougher. If you’re going to be a year-round players and not some pansy who runs to the clubhouse at first drop of rain (we fully endorse the former), you need to equip yourself with more than the tattered glove that’s been crumpled up in the bottom of your bag all summer long.

That’s why the folks at Etonic Golf have come up with a pair (of pairs) of gloves built specifically to handle meteorological challenges that could blow up the scorecard of a lesser man. Their G>Sok line offers a pair designed to handle rainy conditions as well as one specifically for cold-weather play.

More impressions and pics after the jump.

Non-stop fall deluges in the southeast have given this editor ample opportunity to benefit from the G>Sok rain model. With palms lined with EGRIP material and the backs made from proprietary DRI-LITE, these gloves offered a heretofore unknown level of grip in some pretty rainy weather. We’re certain with winter months approaching, the G>Sok winter gloves will offer a similar benefit of tackiness and warmth. Additionally, the price is outstanding, especially when compared to traditional leather gloves that offer much less foul-weather performance. Fairweather fans need not apply.

Cost: $15 (Rain) | $16 (Winter)