nba-live-10-gear-patrol-giveawayThe annual pro basketball simulation from EA Sports is back for more this year, with NBA Live 10 boasting some series-best gameplay and features. As you might expect, the team at EA Canada that headed Live 10‘s development has delivered improved graphics and realism, but it’s the smooth motion and responsive controls that should be lauded for making this a top-notch offering.

Recent games in the series have suffered some control issues and visual disjointedness, but no more. Add in intuitive play calling and manual dribble control and the in-game experience becomes a must-play for NBA fans. New features make a first appearance in the Live series, as well; most notably, Dynamic DNA Season mode connects with the real-life NBA season, altering player statistics and skills, bringing injuries into play, and reflecting trades and results in the game. User-played games are then merged with the real-world results, offering a heretofore unseen level of engagement with a real sport’s season play.

The new Adidas Live Run mode makes for a great time online, allowing players to form teams and go 5 on 5 in a more casual setting. NBA Live 10 also puts a variety of style options into play including 90 throwback jerseys and more than 500 shoe designs. All told, NBA Live 10 does basketball right, improving on it’s predecessors’ play and bringing some fresh elements to bear on the ball.

Cost: $57

Find out how to enter and ogle some screenshots after the jump.

How To Enter

Since it’d be selfish to keep all the roundball goodness to ourselves, we picked up an extra copy of NBA Live 10 (Xbox 360 version) for you. Well, one of you, anyway. This one’s going to be given away through our Facebook Fan Page. Just head over there and leave us a comment on the NBA Live 10 post. It’s just that simple.

You’ve got through this weekend to enter. We’ll pick one entry randomly and announce a winner early next week. Best of luck!

U.S. residents only, allow up to 4 weeks for prize delivery.

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