Style Q&A: Wearing Brown or Black with Navy

This is an age old question, but I’m still unsure about the answer. Are brown shoes kosher to wear with navy suits?

– Roger D.

answer-iconThis is a question that keeps popping up from time to time here on Gear Patrol, which makes me think there are many of you who still want to know the answer. This question alone is what makes navy one of the most versatile colors in a man’s wardrobe. I believe, with navy, brown is always the best answer. The shade of brown of your shoes can depend on the season – lighter brown in the spring and summer, but, overall, I believe brown is the better look.

This is not to say that black is not acceptable for accompanying navy. Of course, black with navy is very classic and one can’t go wrong in choosing it. Actually, as one Gear Patrol editor has found, wearing black with navy will probably get less looks from the older gentleman around us. In my opinion, brown with navy just gives off the image to others that you know what you’re doing.

If you’re wanting to start wearing a brown shoe with navy, I suggest you start with a darker brown, like a nutmeg color, as it won’t stand out as much. Still not comfortable with that yet, then you can always choose a Cordovan or Oxblood shoe.

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