Link Patrol: Thursday, November 5th

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Behind the Brothers: The Billykirk story (must watch) (The Scout)
Tsovet Series 2.0 Watches make their debut (Acquire)
Spiccoli’s dream chair and other 60’2 furniture (A Time to Get)
Max does his tour thing with Russell Moccasin (All Plaidout)
A Continuous Lean collaboration boots with Cole, Rood & Haan (Valet)
Huge picture collection of abandoned Chernobyl (KiddofSpeed)
Motorcycle trip down Patagonia (BikeExif)
United Airlines continues to innovate (The Onion)
The Prometheus Device (How long till this kid is a super villain?) (Like Cool)
Learn how to cook Shepard’s Pie (Heavy Tweed Jacket)
imogene + willie intro video (Anyone been there?) (imogene + willie)
Turning your beater into a respectable single speed (Men and Women of Industry)
A man’s first proper hat (The Gentleman’s Corner)
Parents…when they were cool (My Parents were Awesome)
Ten things you played with as a kid that weren’t toys (Chris Illuminati)