Charges in 90 Seconds. That is all.

5.11 Tactical Light for Life


The flashlight is truly a man’s tool. Wielding in one’s hand the power to bring forth light from the darkness is both awe-inspiring and downright handy. Of course, we are fans of all types of torches, but offerings are sometimes similar.

To date, most all flashlights have been powered by batteries of the disposable or replaceable varieties, each having their drawbacks. The former typically offers a powerful beam, but produces undesirable waste in the form of spent batteries and the latter sometimes suffers from a lack of brightness and often takes forever to charge. In search of a better light, we may have found just that. The battery-free Light for Life Flashlight from 5.11 Tactical is a truly revolutionary product, offering incredible performance and an almost unthinkable 90 second recharging ability.

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We were initially skeptical of the Light for Life’s bold claims. Apparently, the run-down on the unit is as follows:

  1. 90 Second Recharge
  2. 120 Minute Runtime
  3. 270 Lumen Max Mode, 90 Lumen Standard Output, Strobe Mode
  4. 3 LEDs Rated for 50,000+ Hours
  5. 11.5″ Long, 16 oz.

Happily, our testing of the Light for Life proved our skepticism to be mislaid, as the flashlight absolutely astounded us with its performance and unique attributes. Designed primarily for law enforcement officers and first responders (though imminently useful for anyone), the Light for Life brings absolute tactical brightness. Its standard 90 lumen output will serve most any illumination task, while the power-hungry 270 lumen maximum brightness can be used when the situation requires. This editor’s clumsiness once allowed a direct reflection of the max mode into his eyes, to nauseating effect. Employ at your own peril. The flashlight is made of durable polycarbonate construction, and is incredibly lightweight, owing to its battery-free construction.

Opting to store power in high-output capacitors is the true brilliance of the 5.11 Light for Life; this same engineers is also what also for super-fast recharging. In addition to the convenience of a speedy tank-up, the capacitors are rated at over 50,000 charge/discharge cycle; that’s why the Light for Life is just that – the last flashlight you may ever need.

5.11 Tactical offers a wide array of products and clothing to suit those whose daily lives demand high performance gear. The Light for Life suits those requirements perfectly and receives a strong nod of Gear Patrol approval.

Cost: $170

Editor’s Note: Be sure and follow the initial charging instructions and let your LfL charge for 4 hours before beginning regular use, in order to get the most from its capacitors. Regardless, the technology does not suffer if you leave the unit charging for too long, which is a great bonus to those of us that are a bit forgetful.