Link Patrol: Tuesday, November 10th

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Leave it to the French to Open Wine with Their Shoes. (Foundry Music)
Jiro Belts. (Cool Material)
24 – The Lost Episodes: Jack Bauer Disputes a Credit Card Charge. (Funny Crave)
White House Reacts to ABCs V Series. (Asylum)
Al Gore Will Be On The ’30 Rock Christmas Episode. (Uproxx)
The Trench Coat Gets Its Day in the Sun. (Kempt)
All New Star Wars Gangsta Rap. (Atom Comedy)
Google Servers Up Free Wifi at 47 Airports for the Holidays. (Gizmodo)
How to Eat a Chicken Wing. (Yep Yep)
Vueve Clicquot Yellowboam. (Not Cot)
Keep Shoes. (Limited Hype)
Looking Up to the Right People. (Askmen)
Rock Band Played via Flute. (Engadget)
10 Best Coaching Meltdowns of All Time. (Epic Carnival)