Like "The Dude" Only Lazier

RC900 Remote Control Bowling Ball

900_global_rc_900_remote_controlled_bolling_ballSending shudders throughout the sport known for its intense athleticism and impeccable class, the RC900 remote controlled bowling ball is exactly what it sounds like. Its remote controlled steerage works thanks to a weight attached to a threaded internal shaft. Using the remote, owners can adjust the weight to steer the ball in any desired direction, meaning bowling a 300 with it is like stealing candy from a baby…or the derelict passed out by the shoe rack. However, buying your way to Ernie McCracken-style skills isn’t cheap. To get one of your own, you’ll need $1,500, and a convincing toupe to match. Curious to see what it looks like in action? Hit the jump to see a video of just how nimble this bad boy can be.

Via Popular Mechanics

Cost: $1,500