Allowing Those with a Habit to Trudge Through Winter

Smoking Mittens


If you haven’t already been dragged out into the public square and stoned for your habit deemed socially unacceptable by do right America, thanks to these smoking mittens, at least you know your hands will have some protection during your short breaks while exiled in Siberia. Designed to be ambidextrous, one mitten features a metal eyelet dividing the index finger from the rest of the digits for holding on to that cig… or other smoking object.

Though it definitely helps, the concept still looks like it requires diehards to do some gloves off work in order to position the cancer stick snugly through the mitten and in between your fingers. Compared to alternatives though, it still looks like one of the better solutions for those of you who can’t go without a smoke and would like to maintain full use of your hands by winters end. For a close up of the gloves and pricing check out the next page.


Cost: $32