Style Q&A: A Plain-Front Guy in a Pleated World

qanda-with-torrey-mcmurray1 I’m 27 years old and work in a pretty conservative law firm. It seems like all the men wear suits with pleated pants. I feel like that’s not a good look for me but I don’t want to be that guy who stands out for the fashion statements. Any advice? – Evan, Nashville, TN

answer-iconEVAN – I’m not one who usually cares about standing out for wearing something a little more trendy or fashionable. However, we sometimes have to dress the part depending on the environment that we’re in. Truth be told, I have several suits that have pleated pants because, when I bought them, most of the guys around me were wearing pleated pants.

You can get away with wearing a plain-front pant without bringing too much attention to yourself by simply buying plain front suits that are a little more traditional or conservative. For an example, buying a suit with a 3 button jacket and plain-front pant is probably not going to make you stand out. As long as you’re not buying the suit with the skinny pants that fit snugly through the thigh and knee and a tightly-fitting jacket (because we can’t all look like we’re on the set of Mad Men).

All that to say, one of the most traditional, conservative, Ivy-league looks is a 3 button jacket with plain front pants. That look has been around forever. Also, there are plenty of suit makers, like Hickey-Freeman, that are well-thought of in the legal community and sell plenty of plain-front pants. Just remember, not all plain front pants are created equal and some pleated pants are innocent until proven guilty (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). torreymcmurray

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