Link Patrol: Thursday, November 12th

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Hodinkee Exclusive: A Porsche Design Designed by A Porsche & 48 Other Watches Owned By The Porsches. (Hodinkee)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Reservoir Dogs Mashup. (Comics Alliance)
Derek Jeter Backlash? Whatever. (With Leather)
Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore Cougify Broadway. (Cougar Patrol)
Palm Pixie Review. (Engadget)
5 Surefire Techniques for Surviving in a Roland Emmerich Movie. (Next Round)
Clash of the Titans Redux. (Dave and Thomas)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Knows Its Audience. (Guyism)
15 Amazing Futuristic City Building Designs. (Super Tremendous)
One Day this Will Be Remember as The First Tricorder Ever. (Gizmodo)
Peak Snow Sled. (Cool Material)
London Restaurant Unveils Worlds Most Expensive Beer. (Asylum)