From Bullets to Bottles

Ammunitions Case Wine Rack

ammunitions_wine_rack1Is there a wine rack with more masculine appeal than this? Survey says no. Built from a vintage ammunition box dating back to the 1960’s and 70’s, with a few minor alterations this rustic wood case has been perfectly re-purposed from that of annihilation to inebriation. Well…perhaps annihilation might still apply if you managed to drink all 7 bottles it can hold all in one sitting, but alas we digress.

Meant to stand vertically for proper side storage of your choicest of vintages, custom cut neck cradle openings insure your wine is secure while enclosed. Besides its inherent oenophile appeal, this aged wood of the trunk is also a great way to add rustic stylel to your home or bar while still being green. Remember, using recycled wood is far better than chopping down fresh trees. Just don’t let us catch you making claims to your buddies that your grand pappy unloaded all the ammo the case used to hold.

Cost: $300