Like It's Not Even There

Nike LunarGlide+


Most hardcore runners swear by their Brooks, Saucony, and Asics shoes. Nike, not really known for true runners, shows that the shoe behemoth has a few tricks up their sleeves socks with the LunarGlide+. The LunarGlide+ is an extraordinarily comfortable running shoe for both fast and slow runners designed to make you forget you’re even wearing a pair.

With a strong nod to the growing movement of “barefoot”-style running (Nike calls it Natural Motion Engineering), the LunarGlide+ uses a midsole comprised of two foams, one softer for neutral runners, and an angled harder foam to correct the effects of pronation that results in extraordinary comfort and response. Furthering the shoe’s simplicity is streamlined construction and reduction in parts and components, focusing on forefoot support, and a patented adaptable cushioning system called Dynamic Support. The LunarGlide+ is easily one of the best new running shoes available.

Buy Now: $99