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Beard Head | Giveaway + Movember Update

vikingSo we find ourselves smack in the middle of the month of Movember. The Gear Patrol crew is doing our part to raise awareness for men’s cancer research; likely many of you are doing the same. Should your follicular efforts be as disturbingly lecherous as ours (more on that in a moment), we’ve got a way to keep your face warm and make you look tough without all that unpleasant workplace ridicule. It’s the one and only Beard Head.

Because we think everyone should be able to sport a manly knit visage, read on for our take and to see how you can win one.

The original Beard Head is at once unique, wildly manly, and extremely self-explanatory. By pulling on the one of their designs (aptly named the Viking, Lumberjack, Grandpa, and Ninja), one can warm up on the chilliest slope-bound day and, at the same time, at least quadruple the testosterone coursing through his veins. There’s even a Beard Head designed for the ladies, the Bunny.

Having sported the Beard Head to fulfill our scientific testing requirements (i.e. wearing it and making mean faces in the mirror, also sticking our heads in the freezer to test cold resistance), we can attest that it is both comfortable and warm. We highly recommend it for avoiding frostbite and for appearing to be more masculine than you already are.

Editor’s Note: For the most badass look of them all, customize your Beard Head with an add-on Fu Manchu.

Cost: $25


Giveaway + Movember Update

Now that we are nigh-on most of the way through Movember, we figured it time to tell you what team Gear Patrol is up to. The montage above shows our freshly-shorn mugs from November 1st. Results thus far are mixed, with most team members reporting uneven growth and distinct rise in affection-rejection by significant others. On the plus side, at least 3 team members have been invited to join biker gangs. We’ll be sure to show you the finished facial hair products (a conglomeration of poor taste, to be sure), at the close of the month.

Until then, we offer you your very own Beard Head. We’ve got 3 to give away (a Lumberjack, Grandpa, and Ninja, to be precise), and there’s no reason you can’t win one. Just be sure to thank our friends at Beard Head.

How To Enter

We want to see your best (or worst) facial hair efforts. Be it a full-time job, a Movember special, or just something you drew on with a Sharpie, share your mustachioed/bearded best. Throw up a link with your impressive facial hair pic in the comments below or email one to dusty [at] gearpatrol [dot] com. Our favorites will win their very own Beard Head.

Cell phone pics work fine in a pinch, and you’ve got through close of business Friday to enter. We’ll make our selection based on secret and subjective criteria. Best of luck!

U.S. residents only, allow up to 4 weeks for prize delivery.