Because 3 Layers are Better than 1

Burton Ranger Jacket

burton_ranger_jacket1Fur lined parkas are all the rage for men’s jackets this winter. That doesn’t mean that anything you’ll see on the runway can begin to match the functionality of the Burton Ranger. Designed with both style and purpose in mind, the Ranger is composed of 3 separate layers. On the outside, 2 sheets of DRYRIDE DuraShell laminated fabric form a protective wet-weather exterior while inside, midweight Thermacore insulation adds warmth for colder days on the mountain without the body constricting annoyance of added bulk. Finally, an interior satin lining provides a smooth, comfortable feel while reducing friction with any other under layers riders might be wearing.

Besides quality material construction, integrated details such as a moldable wire frame allow buyers to customize the jacket’s hood shape to satisfy cravings for that killer lawn gnome look. A patented Link ZIP waist gaiter also insures a snow tight seal with any set of Burton snow pants, which owners also have the option to remove for a cleaner look during casual outings. Available currently in the 3 colors, the versatility of this jacket both on the slope and street is hard to ignore.


Cost: $290-$320