Bite-Sized High Rise

Telesteps Telescoping Ladders


A good ladder is a must-have for anyone with a home to maintain. Unfortunately, unless you’re a full-time painter or contractor, the amount of time a ladder actually gets used is nothing compared to the time it spends waiting in the garage or storage shed, just taking up space. Thankfully, the Einsteins over at Telesteps seem to have invented a solution that provides all the height-reaching help one could want while minimizing the space required to store it when not in use.

Made of aircraft grade aluminum tubing and reinforced with steel connectors, these telescoping ladders manage to stretch upwards of 12.5 feet in height from just 2.5 feet while compacted, depending on the model. That said, as an added bonus to saving space, the ability to collapse only certain rungs means the height of these ladders can be easily adjusted to meet whatever job you’re facing. So buying a version that’s slightly bigger than your personal needs may not be such a bad decision.

Featuring both consumer and commercial grade units, the tallest model can match the height of an 18 foot extension ladder while holding up to 300lbs of weight. Also, since they’re mainly comprised of hollow tubing, the overall weight of these ladders is nothing compared to that of their standard brethren. For instance the 18 foot model discussed above weighs in at under 33lbs, meaning it can still be easily moved by one person alone, especially when secured snugly in its convenient carrying case. Sold in both extension and combination step forms, Telesteps offers a space saving model that can fit whatever your needs may be.



Cost: $90-$300

Via Likecool