A Conservative Classic with A Contemporary Spin

Billy Reid Natchez Bubble-Toe Wingtip Loafer


Casual enough to wear out with friends, yet still capable of holding their own under a crisp pair of slacks, these Natchez Bubble-Toe Loafers are more than just your typical loafers. Made from dark brown aged nubuck with “burnished” detailing towards the toe, their unique wingtip inspired detailing attracted our attention mainly because we’ve never seen a pair quite like it.

Balanced perfectly between the overly-formal wingtips completing the tuxedos of men in their 60s and the derelict “pre-worn” disasters of the latest London hot shoe designer of the hour, they’re different without being ostentatious, which is always a theme we’re glad to get behind. Since they’re handmade in Italy though, these shoes naturally aren’t cheap. However, when it comes to footwear, quality manufacturing can mean everything and with the a little maintenance and the occasional re-soling, these unique loafers have the looks to last a decade.

Cost: $350