Bringing the Fire to Any Room in the House

Blomus “Chimo” Wall Fireplaces by Floz Design


As winter begins to take its hold, home fireplaces are a feature many people without one in their den or living room begin to miss. Unfortunately, installing one into a home on an after market basis is often too expensive of a renovation to consider casually, let alone before factoring in the additional the time and hassle building it would suck from your life. Luckily those desperate for a solution though may just find exactly what they need to fulfill their instinctual cravings for fire in the Blomus “Chimo” series.

Fueled by ethanolin gel form which unlike wood burns without the typical air pollutants such as smoke, soot, or ash, the fire produced from these fireplaces is clean and provides all of the benefits associated with traditional fires minus most of the hassle. We say most of the hassle because in addition to being clean burning, these fireplaces are completely self contained and even wall mountable, eliminating the need for a chimney or expensive installations.

Made in Germany from stainless steel in a variety of designs and sizes, these modern accessories will definitely add a prominent head turning detail to any room they’re featured in, while providing heat and that oh so peaceful light throughout the darker months. We’re hoping one day they’ll even figure out how to simulate smells and the crackling sounds of wood, but maybe we’re just being greedy. To check out the variety of designed they’re sold in, scroll down.




Cost: $1,058-$4,000