Own It to See Far More Than the Film

Funny People (Blu-ray)

funny_people_blurayDespite conflicting opinions from critics about the stylistic and emotional merits of the film, at least everyone could agree that Judd Apatow’s 3rd movie is worth a watch. Now out on Blu-ray, unlike most comedic releases, this 2-disc special edition comes packed with features that dive deep into the production process and past’s of the stars involved.

In the “Funny People Diaries” featurette, Apatow examines the ups and downs of making the film as well as talks about the foundational relationships that are widely known for providing much of the story lines inspiration. It even makes use of tons of archival footage of Apatow, Sandler, and Rogen, all doing stand up in the early stages of their career (as partially shown within the movie itself). More uncut footage of each of the main talent’s initial forays into comedy is also included on the 2nd disc, which overall really helps to better understand Apatow’s motivation for creating the film.

The movie itself comes in both it’s theatrical release, and an extended version which includes over 7 extra minutes of material. However clearly there was far more footage that could have been used (as is apparently typical with Apatow’s improv filming style), since over 40 additional deleted, extended, and alternate scenes are availible on the second disk. Full trailers of all of George Simmon’s fake films and every segment produced for Jason Schwartzmen’s in movie TV sitcom “Yo Teach” are thrown on as well, illustrating just how far they explored every aspect of the characters involved.

All in all we’re scratching our heads to think of another comedy that came with so much more after it’s release in theater. Considering this, if you like comedies, this is one of the few on Blu-ray we’d ever recommend spending the money to add to your collection.

Cost: $24