Quick Mix: The Flaming Lips, Hey Champ, Moving Units, Annie, and Fischerspooner.


After taking it back to the classics with last week’s mix, it’s time to return hard with artists pushing limits and setting high bars in their respective scenes. Some have been doing it for years, while others are relatively new on the radar, but regardless of tenure each of the tracks below is sure to mix up stale collections in need of random infusions. Also note that we’re now providing link to buy each track directly through iTunes as well as Amazon should you like what you hear. So no matter how you prefer to purchase and catalog your music, adding these in should be as easy as making a few clicks. Now hit the jump and happy listening.

“Silver Trembling Hands” by The Flaming Lips

the-flaming-lips-embryonicReleased as one of the first singles from The Flaming Lips most recent album, “Silver Trembling Hands” introduction is startling and guaranteed to shake unprepared listeners up for what’s to come. Following the orangutan coos and several fading screams, the first minute is quick to get the pulse going and hints that some kind of angst ridden chorus, filled with disgust, is poised to be belted out at full volume. Instead, the song shifts from 4th to park, floating softly back on the group’s patented space age, emotionally stuffed sound. Overall the abrupt transition is strangely befitting for the simple lyrics exclaiming “when she’s high”, and falls right into place with The Flaming Lip’s ability to trigger day dreams at will. Only this group hailing from Oklahoma City can ever cobble together such ridiculous bits and get away with it. The bottom line is though “Silver Trembling Hands” may not be up to par with their most famous work, it’s heartening to see their experimentation shows no signs of dying out in the group’s gorged state of stardom.

Cost: iTunes $1.29 | Amazon $.99

“Cold Dust Girl” by Hey Champ

hey_champ_cold_dust_grSelf described on their twitter feed as “Emo meets Creamo”, Hey Champ is now sitting at the top of my new artist chart list. Perfectly stuck in the center of the electro pop sound, “Cold Dust Girl” ‘s ample helping of Moog, electric guitar, and simple pop statements make it the new non rap or out right techno party song to beat for the moment. Best of all, they aren’t based anywhere near Brooklyn, instead hailing from Chicago. So listening won’t win you any unwanted scene points with the extremists in the ridiculous hipster crowd. Clearly destined for radio play once Hey Champ gets enough exposure, listen and relish it now before it flows ubiquitously through the femoral arteries of the corporate promotional machine. That way you can say you heard it out of choice, as opposed to through brute marketing force.

Cost: iTunes $.99 |

“Between Us and Them” by Moving Units

moving_units_dangerous_dreamsMoving Units in most of their tracks appear to draw musical inspiration from Nine Inch Nails during their Pretty Hate Machine phase. They even recently toured with the band. However this song from their debut album released in 2004 switches their newer dark industrial leanings for a more universal Franz Ferdinand air. Road trip approved, the track personally feels like its ideal listening environment should be at 60 mph with the windows down on the open road. Although to be honest if we could take things back to production, we’d scrap the last 30 seconds or so of the repetitious and whining “I never wanted” line, since it closes the track out in a distinctively foul manner.

Cost: iTunes$.99 | Amazon $.99

“My Love is Better” by Annie

annie-my_love_is_betterKnown just as much for her bomb shell blond looks as she is for her own brand of addictive Scandinavian pop, Annie has slipped mainly into the U.S. market through repeated plays in crowded late night watering holes and hip clothing stores. In this recent single, she’s clearly on a mission to show the world who’s boss and light up the club. Distinctively go-go with rocker undertones, Madonna would be proud to see Lady Gaga isn’t the only bitchy blond out there who can work a room into a dancing frenzy, guys included. Ok so admittedly it might be the effect this song has on the women in the room that’s at the root of male reactions, but whose splitting hairs here anyway?

Cost: iTunes $1.98 | Amazon $.99

“All We Are” by Fischerspooner

fischerspooner_odysseyFischerspooner is a bit of a musical cluster [email protected]^*. Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner may form the foundation of the group, but as a partial experimental theater crew, the band swelled to having over 20 performers at one point mainly focused on guest vocals and dance. Putting of their craziness aside, “All We Are” from their well received album “Odyssey” is an excellent song for building a mood. Featuring a methodical kick drum and a mantra like hook stating flatly “we are as one, and one is all we are”, the track entrenches well into the area of your brain where all songs worth getting stuck in your head eventually go. Never relenting on it’s path towards maximum intensity, “All We Are” builds onwards to the bitter end. Our guess is all that upward pressure is supposed to enhance the sense of connection Fischerspooner clearly wants to push, but we’ll leave the real definitive commentary on their emotional meaning to smarter music critics with more time on their hands.

Cost: iTunes $1.29 | Amazon $.99