Bringing Desktop Convenience to Laptops

Zemno DeskBook Pro Portable Docking Station


Five years ago, if you wanted a laptop that even remotely matched the power of a desktop, you’d have to kiss your dreams of portability goodbye. So-called “desktop replacement” machines were enormous, weighed more than Kathy Bates, and in most cases seemed better suited for landing F-16s in the Pacific than computing on the go. Fortunately, better design and smaller internal components have allowed the size of powerful laptops to decrease over time. However, little has been done to improve the experience of using one for long stretches of time as a stationary computer.


  • 7 USB Ports
  • 3 FireWire 800 Ports
  • 1 FireWire 400 Port
  • 1 DVI Output
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 1 ESATA Data Connection
  • 1 ESATA Power Connection
  • 1 Audio Stereo Input
  • 1 Audio Stereo Output
  • 1 Flash Card Reader
  • 2 ModBays
  • zemono_desk_book_pro_docking_station

    Sadly, Apple’s new all in one display port is no where to be found which is a disappointment for new Mac owners looking to conveniently connect a new Cinema display. However the two “ModBays” are the most intriguing thing the DeskBookPro offers. Built to provide flexibility for users looking to expand their laptop’s hard drive space or battery life, these two slots can be used to add a 500GB hard drive to the base station or an additional battery module. Naturally, adding these conveniences is another cost to the already expensive base station. So the product really only seems feasible for laptop owners who consistently use a wide array of peripherals and place a high value on desktop convenience.

    We’ve reached out Zemno to procure a review unit and hopefully we’ll have more tangible thoughts on it’s merits later on.

    Cost: Base Station: $500 | 500GB Storage Module: $130 | Battery Module $99