Darkspawn, Dwarves, and Dragons - Oh My!

Dragon Age: Origins


The team at BioWare (yeah, the ones responsible for the awesomeness of Mass Effect) have really outdone themselves to impress role playing and fantasy fans out there with their latest epic, Dragon Age: Origins. We really mean it when we use the words impress and epic. DA:O represents a huge and immersive gaming experience, to say the least.

The game is filled with intricately rendered backdrops, and impressively told story featuring solid voice acting, and no shortage of hellish creatures whose blood is just waiting to be spilled. Seriously, there’s a lot of blood being spilled. Dragon Age offers the sort of complete entertainment experience that only video games can offer, as a great many secrets are available to be unlock by those willing to put in the time. Speaking of time, we haven’t made it there yet, but apparently there are over 100 hours of gameplay to be had, should you fully explore the realms of Dragon Age: Origins. The action itself is centered around your building a motley crew of adventurers, with some robust inventory management to be done. Still, it seems secondary to the core of this game, which is about being drawn into a world that’s sure to enthrall.

Cost: $50

Editor’s Note: Not sure Dragon Age: Origins is for you? Here’s a little test: Did you like playing Fallout 3 or Oblivion? Do you know what LOTR stands for? Has the term “hit points” ever crossed your lips? If you answered yes to any of the above, give it a go.

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