Logitech Z323 Speakers


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your laptop’s puny speakers simply won’t cut it. They’re not even good enough to aptly project the beeps and boops of your NES emulator, much less to accompany your iTunes library. That said, the venerable accessory players at Logitech offer several options to suit your auditory fancy.

We suggest you check out the Z323 speakers. Their organic form factor and glossy black finish make them attractive enough to match any decor, and your budget won’t flinch at the price. Performance-wise, they’ll meet any need suitable for a 2.1 setup, with the bass coming in surprisingly forceful and tight, considering the price point. Employing omni-directional drivers allows this setup to sound bigger than it is, a good thing in our book.

Auxiliary inputs on the subwoofer, as well as a line in and headphone jack conveniently located on the right speaker offer good connectivity, leaving only your playlist-making skills in question.

Cost: $62