Your Head As A Beacon

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp


Head lamps have come a long way since we were on our last scouting trip. No longer do you need to have a glorified Mag Lite strapped to your head, bobbing around and weighing your head down. Petzl’s new Tikka Plus 2 has opened our eyes and become quite a convenient piece of gear to have around. The Tikka Plus 2 features:

  • Quick adjust headband, with ADAPT mounting system.
  • LED lighting with four different modes: High, Low, Blinking, and Red.
  • 50 Lumen max output.
  • 35 meter max lighting distance.
  • Up to 140 hour battery life.
  • Tiltable lamp head.

What does this mean to you? Well, pretty much that the Tikka Plus 2 is going to replace your flashlight. We found it to be light on our heads, extremely comfortable, and functional for getting things done. Tasks that would normally require giving up a hand to a flashlight became, dare we say, light years easier, working under the sink, night time runs, walking the dog at night, finding said dog’s poop at 11:30pm, etc. It will perform equally well in the great outdoors no doubt, and with New England winter bearing down it will be key for the inevitable power outages. Honestly if you don’t get your use out of this within short order you need to get up off the couch.

Authors Note: For those of you who are serious runners or cyclists, you can get a red signal light to pair with the Tikka Plus2. With the holidays coming up this is a great gift offering some serious bang for your buck at only $40.

Cost: $40