The Fixation | Rogue Territory Custom Jeans

December 2, 2009 Style By


This week’s fixation is a pair of custom jeans from LA-based Rogue Territory. You see, I am afflicted with serious Thunder Thighs (from the days of college sports) and a penchant for dry denim. That’s a combination that leads to reduced blood flow in my lower body as I break in jeans and the potential to frighten small children, should I attempt to try on a pair of APC New Standards.

Finding dry denim off the shelf for those of us not built like British rock star is rough. When I stumbled onto Rogue Territory’s website recently, I knew I’d found a solution, albeit an expensive one. Hit the jump to learn what makes Rogue Territory so damn special.


When you purchase a pair of Rogues, founder Karl Thoennessen will meet with you to discuss your overall vision for the jeans, cut, fit, fabric, and hardware. These aren’t just made to measure jeans, but truly bespoke denim (obviously the crazier you get with it the more expensive they become.)

You then go through up to three fittings to make sure they’re just the way you want. After the third fitting, you should have a pair of jeans that will fit you better than any have before. Should you need another pair in the future you’ll receive %15 off and they’ll keep your personal pattern on file. Now I just need to squirrel away some cash and find an excuse to make it to LA. Until then don’t mind me doing deep knee bends just trying to stretch out my jeans.

Editor’s Note: Custom jeans aren’t the only Rogue Territory offering on which to fixate. Their newly released pre-made collection looks great as well. We’ve got a little crush on the Work Trouser DBL.

Cost: $400+