Outfit Yourself with a Dose of Southern Charm

Traditional State Apparel


Civility and grace. These traits flow easily from a Southern gentleman. So does Bourbon, but I digress. Several of the Gear Patrol editors can claim this rarified status, despite now dwelling in considerably more Northern climes. Whether or not you fit this mold, there’s a new company on the clothing and accessory scene willing to help you put on the charm. Traditional State was born from a desire to express some good old Tennessee state pride through unique, high-quality belts, ties, shirts and caps. They’ve grown to offer their products to lovers of Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi culture as well.

We checked with the guys at Traditional State and they assured us that you needn’t be an actual Southerner to purchase or sport their garb. Still, we ask that if you do, you be have with a modicum of decorum. Some of us have a reputation to uphold. To those found worthy, here’s hoping you’ll find wares from Traditional State this holiday season.

Editor’s Note: I’ve long been a proponent of the Tristar Cap (in orange) for showing pride without looking obnoxious. Unless you’re not a fan of looking sharp, you won’t go wrong with the Tristar Bowtie, either.

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