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ASICS Gel-Kinsei 3


When it comes to running shoes, many runners latch onto a particular brand. While Dusty happens to be a Brooks man, I, on the other hand, live by ASICS. As a cost-conscious individual, I usually get my new pair of Gel Kayano’s at the end of the season on closeout. So, when the opportunity came to take a few strides in ASICS’ newest Gel-Kinsei 3, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

The Gel-Kinsei 3 is ASICS’s most technically advanced shoe. It combines the best of previous generations with several new innovations to create what seems to be the best Kinsei to date. The new Guidance Line system features a long vertical groove through that follows the length of the shoe and encourages the foot to take its natural path, allowing for a smoother and more efficient gait. The shoe also features a new Open Mesh Environment comprised of a nano-scale metal film that releases heat to keep the foot cool when its hot and works to retain heat in cold conditions. Perfect for winter.

As you would expect from ASICS’s top of the line model, the Gel-Kinsei are extremely soft on your feet and the new Heel Clutching System keeps your foot snugly in place while helping to prevent blisters and chafing. The shoes offer superior cushioning and have quickly become my workout shoes of choice. So much so that I’ll be keeping my eye out for another pair of next year.

Cost: $180