The Absolutely Anywhere Hands-Free Light

Joby Gorillatorch


A while back, we alerted the photo-minded among you to the handy-dandy Joby Gorillapod, a line of flexible tripods. Now, seeing an alternate application for their knobby-legged creations, Joby has unleashed the Gorillatorch, an adjustable tripod flashlight that’s suitable for just about any illumination need you can think up.

Its adjustable CREE LED offers output ranging from 65 lumens in maximum mode to an economy setting that stretches the 3xAA battery life to 80 hours of run time. Still, the most impressive attribute of the Gorillapod is its flexible, tripod base. Not only will the legs wrap around a nearby object, allowing you to dangle light where it’s needed, but they are magnetized (and not with puny magnets, mind you). You’ll be surprised at the forceful grip the Gorillapod will exert on your refrigerator, breaker box, or under the hood. You might find yourself looking for wacky flashlight challenges that the Gorillapod is sure to meet.

Editor’s Note: From the great-gift-that-doesn’t-break-the-bank-department (yes, that’s a real department here at Gear Patrol), the Gorillatorch gets high marks. Having been impressed by its versatility (and wishing I had used one for a recent under-sink repair), I’m planning to pick one up for my Dad this Christmas. Don’t worry about the spoiler, he’s not savvy to the Gear Patrol scene.

Cost: $30