Pack Your Blades Safely While on The Go

Monogrammed Knife Roll

mongrammed_knife_roll_3Perfect for the finicky chef in your life or aspiring knife thrower , this knife roll provides protection and a personal touch to a cook’s most precious piece of preparation equipment. How do you like them alliteration apples?

Made of water-resistance fabric, this simple pouch has eight reinforced slots for knives, along with separate pockets for other necessary cooking paraphernalia such as thermometers, or sharpening sticks. Folded up, it measures 3/4″ x 7″ x 1″, making it easily transportable the next time you find yourself headed to your parents’ to help with holiday cooking . For an extra $10, big white monogrammed initials can be added to make sure there’s no confusion on who wields the blades in the family. If you intend on using your knives for anything other than cooking though, it might be a better idea to leave the personally identifiable bag at home just in case things go terribly wrong. That or just stop hurling cutlery.

Cost: $50 (Monogrammed)