Taking the Hassle Out of Face Care, One Kit at A Time

Bread & Butter Skin Care


Created around the notion that keeping your face in mint condition should be a hassle free affair, Bread & Butter’s Skin Care kit appears to be the ideal solution for guys who already have enough to keep track of in their busy lives. One purchase from the company gets you enough face care supplies to last an entire year, and it’s even customized by season. For example, depending on when you buy it, Bread and Butter will ship you the first of two sets of products, with each set containing a 180 day supply tailored to meet seasonal needs..

Divided into winter and summer, the winter kit contains two bottles of face cleaner, 2 bottles of face moisturizer, 1 stick of lip balm, and a bonus bottle of body moisturizer. As the season progresses and your winter supply begins to dwindle, the company will then automatically ship your summer kit (included in the upfront price). Customized to prepare your face for the sun, this kit substitutes the regular moisturizer found in the winter kit for a version that contains a 15spf sunblock. It also includes a bonus bottle of shave gel to help usher in the end of your winter beard.

Those with sensitive skin will also appreciate that all of Bread & Butter’s products are made from low-irritating ingredients, and do not contain fragrances, dyes, or grain alcohol. While we haven’t had a chance to fully test the company’s product as of yet, its $85 (Canadian) price tag for a years worth of care, combined with its unique hassle free approach definitely made us feel it was worth a mention.

One final thing worth noting is that Bread & Butter does understand anyone’s hesitancy to leap right in with a product they’ve never tried. Especially when it comes to your face. Thus they offer a hassle free 60 day return policy should you adventurous types wind up getting cold feet. Even if you’ve already used half a tube, they’ll accept the kit back and pay for domestic return shipping, and only ask that you complete a short survey to understand your problem with the product in exchange for the convenience.

Cost: Roughly $80 U.S. Dollars