Get the Look Without the Hurt on Your Wallet

French Connection Military Melton Coat

fcuk_military_meltonSince not everyone can afford outer wear made by the likes of legendary jacket manufacturers such as Barbour and Burberry, we’ve fingered the French Connection Military Melton coat as a reasonably-priced, stylish alternative. Made from 100% Wool, this black overcoat is great for those looking to stay warm while maintaining a personal sense of style. Dubbed “military” from details like epaulets and the banding around the sleeve, we’re not convinced it’s really meant to withstand the demands of war, especially since it’s dry clean only. Wearing it is still likely to get you some studly nods though, which isn’t a bad thing in our book. Priced at less than $400, it’s also relatively cheap compared to its similarly-styled counterparts.

Cost: $368