You Never Know, They Could Save Your Life

Survival Straps Bracelets

Photo Courtesy of Ben Dahl

Submitted by Gear Patrol Reader Ben Dahl

If there was only one requirement of a survival product (outside of saving your a$%, obviously) it would be versatility. Guns, rations, and flashlights are all necessary, but they lack versatility. Survival Straps is going to change that by going Playstation on your survival products.

That’s right, these bracelets only do everything. Need to rescue someone who’s drowning? Done. Replace your worn out NATO watch band? Covered. How about hoist a 200lb 24” Mercedes-Benz M-Class wheel and tire? Consider it lifted (See shots below). Apparently Survival Straps wasn’t screwing around when they said they used 550# (that’s the lb rating) paracord and a 316 marine grade stainless steel shackle.


Not only is it versatile when it comes to uses, it comes in a number of styles. The wide bracelet is made up of twenty-four feet of paracord and available thousands of different color combination. The “regular” bracelet is ONLY composed of sixteen feet of paracord, but available in the same thousand color combinations. Compared to the national average, the “regular” bracelet is astronomically longer than it needs to be.

But what fun would it be if you looked ridiculous while sporting one of their bracelets? The Survival Straps family (literally – it’s a mom and pop shop) wants you to be prepared for everything AND look good doing it. If you happen to deploy your new uber-versatile tool, they’ll replace it if you return the original with a story. Now that’s customer service.

You can find more uses for these bracelets than Jack Bauer can find ways to kill people. That is a pretty tall order given Bauer’s track record, but Survival Straps delivers. For more shots keep scrolling.


Cost: Wide Bracelet: $26 | Regular Bracelet: $23

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