The Only Set You'll Need

Burton Redphone Helmet System


Music and winter sports are a match many adrenaline junkies just can’t go without. Realizing this trend early on in the Ski and Snowboard scene, Burton created the Redphone system to let riders easily listen to tunes both on and off the slopes.

Comprised of removable 57mm audio drivers which can be inserted into all of R.E.D’s 2010 line of adult helmets, or into the compatible DJ headset, buyers get the best of both worlds. For instance, while tearing through the snow the helmet integration eliminates pesky wires which have a tendency to get caught up in warm weather apparel around the head and neck. It’s also a far more comfortable for those used to over the ear headphones who previously squeezed them under helmets in between their ears and protective padding.

However once the day is done, popping the drivers out of the helmet and into the DJ headset means you don’t need another set of headphones, allowing you to be good to go musically no matter the season.

Cost: $70, helmet not included.